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Sharpe-Jefferson: The Treasure Lies Deep Within

By Keisa Sharpe-Jefferson

You’ve heard the saying and we sometimes consider it to be cliché. “You have to dig deep. It’s where you’ll find the most precious jewels.”

And this time, the charge is not for any external or situational purposes. I’m issuing this directive specifically to you and me. Don’t be afraid to go deep. The treasures are there, especially when it comes to the intricate parts that we have left to be explored.

Listen, I get it. We’ve been through an enormous amount of change within the past few months and years. Our work, life, community, and in some cases, our health, have endured major change. And the funny thing about that is when change comes, we appear on a surface level to effectively deal with it in the moment.

But as time moves on, the real story emerges as fear, insecurity and anxiety can begin to settle into our hearts. Life will bring about change. We get no input on that.  But we can dictate how we respond to it.

For some of us, we’ve allowed fear to rear its ugly head. I challenge you today to explore your deepest fears (anxieties and insecurities all included) and challenge how they formed and why they still exist.

–Learn where they started.

–Learn how you nurtured them. Yes, we actually nurture our fears and in turn, they become stronger.

–But don’t stay there. Take steps to unearth the hold they have on you.

–Don’t hesitate to reach out for help for the extra stamina to win the war that is within you.

Deep waters are no place for the half-hearted. Before you begin, think it through and commit to the work.

You now know why many are still controlled by their issues. They have REFUSED to do the work necessary to grow.

Because yes, precious, it will take work; perhaps more work than you’ve known to eradicate the limiting beliefs that are desperately clinging to you.

And the beauty of this is that age is not a factor.

It’s never too late to go digging for the most significant treasure – the beauty that resides on the inside of you and me.

Think for just a moment. Can you really imagine what lies on the other side of your fear, anxiety and insecurity?

I’ll tell you. In one word – freedom. Freedom to live, love and try just one more time.

Is that not worth you taking a deeper look within? Trust me, it won’t be easy, but it will pay great dividends.

I’m in. Is anybody else willing to join me?

As always, be encouraged and know that I’m cheering for you.

Keisa Sharpe-Jefferson is a life coach, author and speaker. Her column appears each month online and in The Birmingham Times. You can contact Keisa at keisasharpe@yahoo.com and visit http://www.allsheanaturals.com for natural hair and body products.