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Sharpe-Jefferson: New Year a Time to Look Ahead — and Reflect

By Keisa Sharpe-Jefferson

As we roll into 2023 (can you believe it’s already here), it’s always a good time to reflect. But the reflection I offer may be one to surprise you.

No doubt you’ll receive a ton of advice, strategies and sayings on how to make this upcoming year the best you’ve ever had. I encourage you to take and utilize all that apply to your circumstance. And add to it this thought.

It’s always the right time to choose you and what represents your best interest at heart.

In fact, why don’t we normalize making healthy choices for ourselves a priority in 2023 and beyond. Now, here’s where your work comes in because the struggle to choose you may be real.

As you reflect over the past year, what areas did you fail to represent the best version of you?

Did you choose poorly when it came to your sleep and your health? And what about your relationships? Did they serve you (well) or subtract from you? Think about your career.

Did you flourish, or, did you find yourself with anxious boredom as you performed routine tasks?

My suggestion is that you not to take action for outward show unto others, but rather, I’m calling for introspective work that benefits you.

Because when you choose you, it’s something that can be seen outwardly in the choices you make, places you visit and people you choose to take up time and space in your world. By the way, here’s a side note.

Have you not noticed that time continues to tick away and that we can never get lost moments back? I don’t mention that to stir up any feelings of regret. But rather, I want you to understand your time is more than minutes passing on the clock

 It’s an investment that you choose to make into people, places and activities. And it depends on how valuable the investment is whether you’ll get a positive and productive return.

If you do one thing moving forward now, make sure you choose to honor you. Make sure you choose to love you. And make sure you demand that others respect you.

You can’t get moments back in life, but you can sure start investing now to create better ones. Once you make choices that support a better you, you’ll understand more clearly that you matter and what you desire is important. Focusing on self-love is not selfish. Actually, it’s wisdom and absolutely needful. You can’t help fill others when your cup is empty.

So make sure you take time to recharge in a way that benefits you. With that said (or read), here’s to a more fulfilled you in the New Year.

As always, know that I’m cheering for you.

Keisa Sharpe-Jefferson is a life coach, author and speaker. Her column appears each month online and in The Birmingham Times. You can contact Keisa at keisasharpe@yahoo.com and visit http://www.allsheanaturals.com for natural hair and body products.