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How Criminals Find Ways to Hack Your Phone Number Through SIM Swap Scam


This month we have explored several of the most popular scams for 2024 that have added up to millions of dollars in the U.S. The scammer’s victims have been fleeced out of their hard-earned money by thieves that prey either on the good nature of people, some on people’s greed and/or those lonely people who simply desire an emotional connection with someone. For whatever the reason, the scammers have increased their financial fortunes where their victims have lost theirs.

This week’s article will mark the end of this month’s series. We will end with the SIM Swap Scam.

If your mobile phone suddenly stops working – no calls, texts, or data – criminals may have hijacked your phone number. The scammer takes it to a mobile phone store, and convinces a sales person they lost their phone so they can get a new one with your number assigned.

Afterwards, they start using your phone number to call your financial services providers and begin all kinds of fraudulent activities, exploiting the two-factor authentication texts many financial institutions now use. To prevent this, most banks offer customers a way to make unique “voiceprints” to identify themselves.

If your mobile phone suddenly stops working criminals may have hijacked your phone number. (Adobe Stock)

So, if your phone service is unexpectedly lost, make sure you notify your bank to prevent fraudulent activities. If your phone has been compromised in a SIM Swap Scam, “voiceprint” can help provide extra security for your financial accounts.

You may also wish to contact all financial institutions you currently transact business with and notify them you have been a victim of a scam. You may consider doing a police report, so you have a report on file.

If you want to know more about the most popular scams in 2024, visit the FBI’s website. Also, if you have been a victim of your personal information being misused in an investment scam, visit identityTheft.gov for steps you can use to deal with problems which may have arisen.

Where this month’s series could not share all the scams in 2024 because they are so numerous, it is certainly hopeful that the ones shared were helpful. Keeping an Eye on Safety regarding your finances is essential. Check your statements daily and so stay alert. Remember do not give out any personal information on the phone or online to people or businesses you are not familiar with. Follow your instincts if something feels wrong, stop and do not participate.