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Drew: Safety Tips When Walking or Jogging Alone

By Samuetta Hill Drew

Last week we reviewed safety tips for those who walk or jog in groups. This week’s safety focus is on those who prefer to walk or jog alone. There are multiple reasons many choose to exercise alone. They either walk or jog by themselves. This is not an uncommon practice, but there are a few safety rules one should follow if this applies to you.

Share Your Schedule

It is important to share your schedule with someone. Tell somebody where you are walking/jogging and the approximate length of time you will be. This way a friend or relative will know when you are gone for a surprisingly long length of time, and they will likewise know where to search for you.
It is crucial that you adhere to your own agenda. Notify someone if you change your course. This notification should come at the beginning of any change in the arrangement of your exercise regimen, no matter how slight.

Change It Up

Look at changing your course some. Following the same course consistently daily/weekly makes you more vulnerable for stalkers to target you. It can also make you so familiar with your environment that you are less aware of caution signs, etc. Map out a few courses and change it up. If for some reason you must walk/jog the same path, then change the timing a little. Fluctuating your time is good so your timetable is not so predictable. Walk or run toward the traffic whenever the situation allows, it is more straightforward to respond quickly to an easing back or dubious vehicle assuming that you can see it coming.

Walk/Jog in Light

Studies have shown that it is far safer to run during sunlight hours. It is less doubtful that aggressors will try anything in daylight. Walking or jogging during daylight is especially important when your path is a nature trail or a region that is somewhat secluded. If you walk/jog in these types of regions it may be best to have a companion with you rather than going alone. More populated areas are more often safer. They provide more visibility, and you can more easily be heard, especially if you walk/jog at first light or in the early evening. It is always recommended to walk/jog in a more secure neighborhood or area.

To help Keep an Eye on Safety it is best to use these safety rules. You do not ever want to take needless risks and place yourself in a potentially harmful unsafe situation.